A section of the resulting visualization

Math is beautiful!

This little experiment was inspired (to say the least!) by an amazing article I found wasting my time on reddit. I was fascinated by the beauty of the pictures. Christmas 2009 was coming closer and I had the idea to write my own image generator and print the result onto a 80cm x 80cm poster panel as a present for my father.

Using a shell interface to octave really slows calculations down... At first I tried to generate a "picture of degree 24", but I could estimate that my computer would neet until after christmas that way.

I settled on degree 22 and if I remember correctly, after only 14 days the data was complete. Generating an image from the data is rather quick so you can experiment with some other colour-assignments...

I ordered the poster online on December 20th and the package arrived just in time on December 23rd... and what a nice present it was ;o)

The resulting image: low resolution image --- high resolution image

You will need (if you want to try my script):